Sailing around the world


7 sailors per leg


Fundraising per nautical mile

Investors & sponsors sought

The dream is there and the plan has been worked out. Only now Sail2Fight only needs the starting capital and lots of materials to make our dream a reality. Investments to buy, among other things, the sailing yacht and equipment needed. Sponsors for the sailing gear, a life raft, the flight tickets of the team, a drone, and much more.

I would like to become an investor

We are looking for multiple investors to, for example, bear the costs of the sailing yacht. In addition, it is a must to sail around the world in a safe way. For this we need the right equipment and necessary equipment. Of course we try to get a lot of sponsoring, but we do not just ask that. We look forward with you to what we can give back. This can be done in the form of publicity or presence at one of our events.

When investing, you want a return. Through Sail2Fight you support many different funds and charities in an original way. This way you reach a huge audience over a period of two years. It goes without saying that you are invited to be present at the start and arrival of our sailing adventure. Of course the logo is placed on our website and with larger investments the company is also mentioned in a number of our communications. Depending on the investment amount, it will be possible to sail a part with Sail2Fight and we will see if the logo can also be placed on the sailing yacht.

I would like to become a sponsor

We need a lot of gear to sail as safely as possible, but we also want to offer everything for our participants and to preserve nature. Below is a list of the necessary equipment and equipment for the boat for which we can convince you as a sponsor to contribute or sponsor things.

Here is a list of the equipment, equipment and equipment to safely sail around the world:

  • Inventory for the yacht
  • Solar panels
  • Wind generator
  • Sails
  • Navigation equipment and maps
  • Navionics (navigation)
  • Inflatable boat (dingy)


  • Sailing clothes
  • Lifelines
  • Lifejackets
  • Life raft
  • Epurb (distress signal) incl. torches
  • Erredium (GPS and data)
  • First aid kits
  • Medications (paracetamol, etc.)

Means of communication for fundraising

  • Drone
  • Diving sets
  • Photo camera and accessories
  • Video camera and accessories
  • Wifi / internet options

Our investors and sponsors

Below you will find an overview of all our investors and sponsors.



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Is your logo here soon?

Yes, I would like to invest or sponsor

Are you interested in investing? We would be happy to discuss the possibilities in a personal interview. Of course you can also first send an e-mail to Sail2Fight or call the telephone number that you find at the top of every page. You can also contact Roderick (+31 6 23 58 27 48) or Anne Claire (+ 31 6 25 00 79 58) directly.